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Gay Adoption Options

Public Agency Adoption is also known as foster care adoption. The finalization of the adoption is subjective as it is based solely on the attitudes of the state and public agency involved. The court will always make their decision based on what is in the best interest of the child.

Agency Adoptions are adoptions that are facilitated with the help of an adoption agency. Each adoption agency has it’s own attitudes and policies regarding gay and lesbian adoptions.

Independent adoption is an adoption where the birth parent selects the family to place her child with and directly places the child with that family. These types of adoptions require an attorney and an adoption service provider to facilitate the adoption.

International Adoption is an adoption where a child is adopted from abroad. International Adoption is governed both by the laws of the country in which the child lives in and also the country where the adoptive parents live. This option is increasingly difficult because it means finding an agency willing to work with gay and lesbians and also finding a foreign country willing to place a child in an alternative family. Many countries are not accepting of gay and lesbian adoptions, based on their cultural or religious standards and what they feel is best for the children of that country.